Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday School and Ghouls

This morning started early for me. I heard Jack around 6:30 which is about 2 hours earlier than normal. He was wide awake with lots of kisses to hand out. Sammers was still fast asleep for another hour. I got up after cuddling with Jack and Toby and started decorating cookies. I got all the base color done before church and felt like I was in a pretty good place for the day.

I teach the 4 year old Sunday school class and it is so inspiring to hear their simple understanding of God and His love. They know what makes God happy and makes him sad. They know that Jesus loved them so much he died for them. And most importantly that God is always their for them. Their simple faith renews my faith and reminds me that it IS that simple. God loves us and in turn we should love and honor Him.

Jack and Granna playing with his bike.

After church we had lunch with Toby's mom who came down for the day and enjoyed some BBQ. She played with the boys and let Toby and I get some stuff done. Her and I then went to a little antique store in Mansfield and had a ball. She found lots of goodies for herself and I found a few too. My favorite find was a silver lid that I am going to hang with a plate hanger in my bedroom with other silver lids that I am hoping to find ( I will show a pic when I have the finished product). I think they are beautiful and I thought this might be a neat way to showcase them. I also found a cherub statue candle holder that is now holding a little nest in my bedroom. Reminds me of my two little cherubs.

Just finished up the cookies! They look quite fun and spooky. Over 100 of them total. That is a lot of decorating. Now I have to finish packaging them and deliver. Good thing I love to decorate cookies. I am off to TV land. I love Sunday night shows.


HD said...
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HD said...

Oh my goodness! You are so stinkin' talented!!! Those cookies are absolutely adorable!!! You and Britt should go into business together doing creative things...I am serious.

Brittany said...

hahahah... my sil's comment! But seriously, YOU should go into business! You are so talented!

Shannon said...

Your cookies look great!! I love them!! Are you sharing the receipe? I would love to know how you made the icing too.

Jessica Russo said...


southerninspiration said...

thanks for visiting my blog today! And those cookies are just absolutely adorable! I have a Wilton recipe for sugar cookies and I'm wondering if it's the same? And does your icing recipe have Karo in it? I LOVE THose!
Yes, I am in sw Houston.

Betsy said...

The recipe is No Fail Sugar Cookie and the icing is just water, meriengue powder, cream of tarter, and powdered sugar. Very easy royal icing recipe.