Thursday, October 2, 2008

Little Sweet Treats

So I see all of the little darlings in their adorable overalls and thought that my little niece, Ava, needed a pair. I wanted her to have a "cute" not scary pair so I went with my fave thing about Halloween, candy corns! These took no time to make and no money. I got the overalls from Kid to Kid for $4 (you all know that really means $4.99) and the fabric was just a 1/4 of a yard so about a $1.50 and I had all of the ribbons and accent fabrics. They took no time and are adorable on her. I will post a pic when my sister sends me one of her wearing them. Too cute!

I so love all of the tassels out there and googled to find a tutorial on how to make them. I wanted to try today but the kiddos were sleeping so I did not have the chance to make it to a craft store so I was at my mom's and used her craft room. We had everything to make that one and I think it turned out cute for my first tassel without any resources (her craft room rocks! I'll post pics one day!). I am anxious to make more...just for fun around the house.


Brittany said...

So, so cute! I have been looking around the house to find something I can make a tassel with also. BTW, I LIKE the knobs! Let see pics of the whole thing. Also, Love the candy jar!

To The Moon and Back said...

Such a cute outfit! I think the tassel turned out adorable too.