Friday, April 1, 2011

Square Foot Garden

Toby and the boys are outside right now building a square foot garden. Our family friend, Janet had one last year and it yielded quite a bit of produce. I am also using this as a way to teach the boys about spring, plants, responsibility, and work ethic. Over the next several months we will all work on our garden together. I am super excited about it and hope it gives us lots of tasty vegetables to eat. I'll post pics soon.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

T-ball Time

Jack had his first T-ball game yesterday and it could not have gone better. He was enthusiastic and interested the entire time. He really seemed to love being out there and knew what was going on. Toby and I were both silly is that! He did awesome and cannot wait till his next game.

He started out in left field. Headed to his first at bat.Ready to swing...he got a hit his first swing. SAFE! He completely understood that he needed to drop his bat and run to first.
Second Third

HOME! He loved crossing home plate and stood awhile after he was safe and smiled.
His biggest fans!
Daddy coaching him about playing first base. He did really well there and got the final out of the game when a ball was hit down the first base line and he grabbed it and tagged the base.

A very hot and sweaty Jack listening to his coach after the game. Jack's team really understood the game and played their positions. We have had several practices that obviously paid off.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We moved...

and I am dedicating a blog to the renovation process.
Click on over and check out The Tanner Manor.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


the last time I posted (which was a very long time ago) we had just been to Disneyland. And today I wanted to share some pics of clothes I have been making the boys to wear to Disney World when we go in less than two weeks. Is there a pattern here?

While I continue to prepare for my bazillionth trip to WDW, I am going to try and get some posts up about what we have been up to the last four months!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Enjoying Sunny California

Just a little of what we have been up to.
Chowing on In-n-Out and more cupcakes...there are cupcake bakeries everywhere.
At the park.
Sam climbed himself....he knows no fear.

When Jack saw this picture he asked "Why is Jack sad?"
Swirly slide
Not sure whether you call this a good hair day or bad one. His curls were so tight that day!He was SO excited!
Sam ate...Jack worked!

Even Pez Santa got in on the action.

Sam always makes the funniest faces for pictures...I love this one.
Our gingerbread house had a door until Sam got ahold of it.The finished house...well, it does not look like this now...there is a lot more candy missing as certain little hands keep sneaking bites. I loved just letting the boys go to town. They had a ball.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Disneyland Conquered

Anyone who knows me knows that I was raised loving all things Disney...specifically Disney World. I had heard time and time again that I would be disappointed by Disneyland. All you naysayers were WRONG! We loved it. I loved the smallness of it, meeting characters is done old school, and how incredibly beautiful California Adventure is. Again...we LOVED it. The boys were angels and we did exactly what they wanted which included meeting LOTS of characters (some multiple times), riding Buzz and Race Cars over and over, eating cotton candy (Mom loves too), and playing in the play areas.
Cotton Candy Evidence on Shirt

I saw this BUZZ like 100 times.

Goofy was walking around Toon Town and came up to Jack and Sam.

So good that I even got them to nap at the same time!

Mickey was the only character Sam would hug! He holds out for the big time!

While getting Donald's autograph Pluto came up and started wrestling with him. This would never happen at Disney World. Look at how much Sam does not like this.