Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I don't want spaghetti

At lunch yesterday Jack continued to tell his Daddy that he did not want spaghetti. I think he just wanted to use the words, "I don't want"! HE LOVES SPAGHETTI. His growing vobaculary never ceases to amaze me and his ability to communicate gets better everyday. I adore his age right now and to watch him explore is truly inspiring. He sees everything so clearly and pure. Ahhh...innocence.

Samuel fell off his changing table today. I did not even walk away and he just rolled off. He cried for just a second and then started laughing at his brother. I felt so bad. He is way too young for me to realize that I can not protect him from getting hurt.

They are both sleeping right now. A rare time other than at night when they nap at the same time. I, sadly though, did not get much done except surfing the internet. How pathetic! There are clothes to fold, bottles to wash, school to study for, and a million cabinets and closets to be cleaned. Instead I searched the internet and now am blogging.

I am on my way soon to make some Halloween cookies. Jack will love that and I imagine eat way too many and then tell me I don't want spaghetti when dinner time comes around.