Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday Wishes and Tags

Jack turned two today. We started the day with candles on a pancake and singing "Happy Birthday" then on to school where he had cookies with his friends. Then home to watch Cars and play with his trains. Then a quiet night with Mom and Sam. I can't believe it has been two years. Where did the time go? What I hope to remember most about him right now is his learning to talk voice, his kissing games, love of trains, the way he runs everywhere he goes, how much he loves his brother and dad, how he loves to chase, his chubby cheeks, how he says hand when he wants to take you and show you something, and how he says Amen several times after every prayer. I love you so much make me proud to be a mother.

On to the tags. I have been tagged twice this week. So kind of both Erin and Jessica.

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So here goes...7 random things about myself.

#1 - I fall asleep in my clothes...a husband does not understand this. It does not bother me that bad. If I am not sleeping in my clothes then I sleep in soft nighties. I love them.
#2 - I love soft things. I will sit and rub them and cuddle them.
#3 - I have a really strong sense of smell. I HATE STINKY THINGS!
#4 - I have been to Disney World over 20 times...and still LOVE it.
#5 - I act silly...really silly where my kids will probably think I am crazy. I break out in song or dance a lot and come up with crazy dares and usually try to get others involved.
#6 - My car is ALWAYS a mess. No matter how hard I try it gets messy again.
# 7 - I am spoiled by my husband. He usually entertains my every whim, vacations, remodels, decorating, etc. He brings me water to bed and turns out all the lights.

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10 YEARS AGO I was...
1. Attending Baylor University
2. Living in a dorm with Ashley Edison
3. Playing a lot of SkipBo
4. Dating a guy named Ben Murr
5. Having a lot of fun and dancing all the time
1. Celebrate Jack - he turned 2 today
2. Pay Bills
3. Clean
4. Meeting for Room Mother at Jack's school
5. Pay off Disney trip

1. Donate a large portion to my church and go to Africa with the missions team
2. Let my parents retire and just be grandparents
3. Get rid of any debt
4. Start building our dream home
5. Have Toby the most awesome custom motorcycle built
1. Sycamore, IL
2. Arlington, TX
3. Mansfield, TX
4. Waco, TX
5. That's It! Sometimes though I dream of moving.

1. Rocking Horse Academy
2. Shelton's
3. Del Frisco's
4. Frulatti Cafe
5. Bath and Body Works


Ruth Ann said...

So cute! You're right, they do grow up fast! It's so funny that we totally blogged about similar things today without reading each other's posts first! Too funny!
I didn't mention it but my other son Alex had his two year checkup today also. It's a couple months early, but they did it anyway since it's easier to see them both at the same time. Anyway, he didn't take it well, he screamed and cried about everything, and especially the shots! Hope your little boy does well tomorrow! Have a great night!
-Ruth Ann

Angie said...

Jack is a cutie! My sons is 15 months old so he is starting to talk and, of course, INTO EVERYTHING!!! I spend my time following him and picking up after him. But, it is absolutely wonderful! Happy Birthday to Jack!

Brittany said...

If I were a millionaire, I would build a house by you & Toby. That way we could craft everyday! hahaah! I hope Jack had a great b'day!

Rachel said...

What a cute little man he is!!! Hope his birthday was a fabulous one!
And I am loving his PJ'S!!! I am a PJ-a-holic.

Erin said...

It was fun learning more about you! Thanks for playing along! Your little boy is so cute!