Sunday, August 29, 2010

T-ball Time

Jack had his first T-ball game yesterday and it could not have gone better. He was enthusiastic and interested the entire time. He really seemed to love being out there and knew what was going on. Toby and I were both silly is that! He did awesome and cannot wait till his next game.

He started out in left field. Headed to his first at bat.Ready to swing...he got a hit his first swing. SAFE! He completely understood that he needed to drop his bat and run to first.
Second Third

HOME! He loved crossing home plate and stood awhile after he was safe and smiled.
His biggest fans!
Daddy coaching him about playing first base. He did really well there and got the final out of the game when a ball was hit down the first base line and he grabbed it and tagged the base.

A very hot and sweaty Jack listening to his coach after the game. Jack's team really understood the game and played their positions. We have had several practices that obviously paid off.


Brittany said...

Go Jack!

HD said...

i loved loved loved seeing luke in his little baseball uniform. i think that was my fave part:) boys are so adorable, aren't they? hope you guys have a fun season!