Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Disneyland Conquered

Anyone who knows me knows that I was raised loving all things Disney...specifically Disney World. I had heard time and time again that I would be disappointed by Disneyland. All you naysayers were WRONG! We loved it. I loved the smallness of it, meeting characters is done old school, and how incredibly beautiful California Adventure is. Again...we LOVED it. The boys were angels and we did exactly what they wanted which included meeting LOTS of characters (some multiple times), riding Buzz and Race Cars over and over, eating cotton candy (Mom loves too), and playing in the play areas.
Cotton Candy Evidence on Shirt

I saw this BUZZ like 100 times.

Goofy was walking around Toon Town and came up to Jack and Sam.

So good that I even got them to nap at the same time!

Mickey was the only character Sam would hug! He holds out for the big time!

While getting Donald's autograph Pluto came up and started wrestling with him. This would never happen at Disney World. Look at how much Sam does not like this.


Brittany said...

Love their shirts! So, was it better than "the World"? Looks like so much fun! I love that sign and I LOVE that Christmas tree! Wish we could have been there w/ you! :(

Shannon said...

It looks like yall were the only ones there! How nice for all the characters to come out. I think I would like the smallness of it too.