Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 2 - Sweet California

Today we kind of laid low because tomorrow the Mister is off and we are going to hit the road early to try and get in as much as possible. So the boys and I just chilled this morning and then joined Toby for lunch. We ate at a great little Mexican place that had a great view. Sam ate his normal gallon of salsa (just like his Dad)! Toby then took us to this little deli/bakery and let the boys pick a treat.

We then headed back to Old Pasadena and went to a little cupcake bakery called Dots. We ordered several mini cupcakes and enjoyed them thoroughly. We tried Marble, Vanilla with vanilla creme frosting, Red Velvet, and Strawberries and Cream...they were each delicious. Then did some more shopping. We stopped in at Ralph's to get some groceries tonight and Jack said he needed a treat and he of course picked out a Hershey's bar (his favorite). So I think it is safe to say that as of 5:30 this evening...we have had quite a bit of sugar. Yet, I am sure we are not done because we are headed to The Grove tonight to see Santa and watch it snow in LA. And hopefully see a few celebrities.


Bev said...

The cupcakes are beautiful - but after seeing your cookies - I'm sure they are something that you could do just as well...if not better!

Have a wonderful trip.

HD said...

you are one busy chica!
those cupcakes look delish!

Brittany said...

Looks like you are having fun!