Monday, May 25, 2009

It's my party

And I had a crying necessary. Brittany and Jeremy had us over for a wonderful picnic and outdoor concert. We had a ball and the boys RAN like crazy.
She decorated her house all in pink and green and had the cutest cake. Jack dug his little fingers in it as soon as we got there. Look at all these goodies. You can tell she knows me well. We got to the beach every year so she got me goodies for this years trip.
I will be using this at the pool as well. Love that she got me the packing list...I love to travel... and I LOVE lists. With all this rain lately I was saying I needed an umbrella...I got one now! Look at this adorable luggage tag. It matches my Vera Bradley bag perfectly. Even the card was perfect!
'Thank you Britt for being such a dear friend who never ceases to amaze me and exceed my expectations (inside joke for Britt)! You and your family are a blessing to me daily. Next year you better bring this cutie to the beach with us!


The Graves' House said...

what a fabulous friend you have! love all the goodies. you are set for your trip this summer. happy early b-day!

Brittany said...

Aww, thanks! Happy Birthday, my friend! Glad you had fun!

Kelli said...

What a nice way to celebrate and I love your gifts. There's nothing like a true friend who really knows you.

Sachiko said...

Wow! What a nice friend! It was fun to see all the goodies you got. Happy b-day!

Angie said...

Love all the cute pink and green stuff! Happy Belated Birthday!