Saturday, July 12, 2008

Boys will be boys

Over the last few days Jack and Sam have had several opportunities to spend time with some of their little buddies. All of our (Toby and I's) friends all have little ones around the same age and they all also had boys. We played with our friend Colton two nights in a row and both times got decidedly WILD! Jack and Colton are a rowdy pair. They run like made, throw balls, dance crazy, and wrestle! The last one was to my amazement....I did not know that little boys already had that in them. Colton is such a fun little boy who is so full of life. We also got to play with our buddy Hudson. He is a little younger then Colton and just learning to sit up. Jack was so anxious to play rough again he form tackled his little 7 month old buddy. Afterwards when I ran across the room with a look of shock across my face Jack planted a kiss and gave an expected "Sorry Mommy" to Hudson. Hudson took it like a champ and just looked a little surprised by the happenings. What a trooper he is! Samuel just takes it all in when his brother starts getting rambunctious....I am sure he is learning exactly what to do so that in a few months he will be going ninety to nothin' along with them driving Mommy crazy the whole way.